3D Letters & Monoliths

3D Letters and Monolith Signs.

For all Surgeries, Hospitals and Medical Centres.

At Elementary we believe in thinking differently
The way that we do that is to make our  signs beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly.
The 3D signs and Monolith self standing Signs are designed and built to look good and to last for many years. Designed to make your Practice or Centre stand out with a clean, smart and professional look without breaking the bank.
The 3D separate letters can be flat cut out or 3D, and the 3D style can be internally illuminated to give a soft halo effect. They can be mounted directly to the building or onto a sign panel.
Monolith signs are designed to be self standing and to form the main entrance sign at the front of the site, usually in a commanding position to create a statement. They are made from maintenance free aluminium with logos and text to both faces. They can be in the material's natural colour or painted to any standard Ral paint colour. 
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