The Materials that we use for your Signs.


We are passionate that we want your Signs to look good, be safe and last for years to come.


Our material of choice is Aluminium or Aluminium Composite. Aluminium is remarkable for its ability to resist corrosion, for its structural strength and for its lightness due to its low density. Aluminium is the material of choice for both inside and outside use in signs, especially in high usage areas such as Schools, Colleges, Academies and Universities. It is tough, it looks good for years to come, it does not rot, rust or break. It is safe to use and to be around, and it can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

Aluminium Composite

Aluminium composite is a man made board comprising of two layers of aluminium with a plastic or polypropylene centre core. It is lighter than solid aluminium and it has no resale value although it can be recycled into other products. It can be used as a replacement for solid aluminium for most uses and locations. Like solid aluminium, it can be cut, machined, folded and fixed, it is available in an additional range of finishes such as a 'machined brushed face' where it appears very similar to brushed stainless steel.

Extruded Aluminium Posts

At Elementary Signs our posts are always manufactured from Extruded Aluminium. Quite simply it provides a safer environment and better value for money than either timber or steel. Aluminium posts will not rot, rust or split, whether buried and concreted into the ground or exposed to the elements. They are easily strong enough for the purpose, they are supplied in white as standard at 3000mm (3 metres) long. They can be painted or powder coated to any of our standard Ral colours or supplied in any length up to 6000mm (6metres) long, for a small additional cost. Posts are also available in a range of diameters to suite different panel sizes and locations.

G.R.P. (Glass Re-enforced Plastic) - Fibre Glass

We use GRP panels to make a range of traditional signs that appear similar to wooden signs but without the maintenance that timber requires. We use modern methods and materials to produce a range of long lasting moulded Glass Resin Signs. The moulded edge is available in two profiles depending on the style of the sign and come in a high gloss finish, in a range of standard Ral colours. They are available, wall mountable, with a railings or metal fence fixing kit or with extruded aluminium posts. Anti vandal film can also be added, for a small charge, to help protect your new signs.


Also known by its trade name of Perspex, Acrylic signs can be used for both inside and outside applications. Acrylic is available in a variety of thicknesses and colours. It is most widely used as 'Welcome' or Corporate Signs in office or Reception areas. The most popular uses are for 10mm thick, clear acrylic that is wall mounted onto small stand off mounts. Logos, text or message is written to the front face, while a flood coat is applied to the rear face, giving a '3d' effect.


The external grade banner material of choice is 500gram nylon re-enforced p.v.c, that is fire regulation compliant. The image is printed to the front face and the banners are hemmed and fitted with brass eyelets at minimum 600mm centres, to allow the banner to be safely supported. Elementary Signs offer a range of sizes or we can manufacture to any bespoke size to suit your requirements.

Pavement Signs

We offer two styles of pavement sign. The ever popular 'Eurasign' has a top hung swinging panel set within a heavy duty uPVC frame with high impact uPVC feet that fold away for storage. The text or message is printed to both sides of the panel and the whole unit is light and easy to put out or take in for storage. Our premium 'A' Frame Pavement Sign is constructed of steel, it has a top panel for the name, crest or logo and it has a main message panel that has a clear poster holder so that a temporary poster can be inserted or the message changed. These items are extremely robust and safe for every location. They are available in a range of colours and they fold flat for storage.