'Plaza' Premium Railings Sports Clubs Signs

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Premium Railings Main Entrance Signs
  • 'Plaza' signs are constructed to look good and to last for years to come.
  • Manufactured from 3mm solid or aluminium composite.
  • Supplied with Extruded Aluminium fixings that don't rot or rust.
  • Painted all around to any standard Ral or to your Club's colours.
  • Complete with your logo or crest and text to the face.

Elementary Signs are proud to offer their range of 'Plaza' Premium Signs. Designed to give you that more prestigious image, these signs really are built to look good and to last for years to come. Plaza signs are an extremely versatile system built of 3mm solid aluminium or aluminium composite. 'Plaza' Sports Club Signs are available in Wall Mounted, Railings or Metal Fence Mountable and as Post Mounted versions. Supported by Extruded Aluminium Posts, the posts are painted to match the sign panels. Flat caps or ball finials can be added to the posts for that distinctive look. 'Plaza' Club Signs offer a three dimensional appearance that is powder coated all round, which will set you apart from the rest.

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